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Terror descends on a Let's Play creator...

Zombie Scream is the 2020 collaboration between the Tsugunohi corrosion-of-daily-life horror series and Japanese video creator Odaken. Now, more than one year after first attracting interest thanks to a Let's Play video from Odaken himself, Zombie Scream is finally available on Steam.
This release also includes a new costume system, letting you select the main character's clothes from a number of options, and a new ending has also been added to the game, allowing you to enjoy two different endings.

You play Zombie Scream by taking control of a Let's Play creator, but just like previous entries in the Tsugunohi series, all you have to do is move your character sideways across the setting by holding the left arrow key. A playthrough only takes about thirty minutes, giving players both new and experienced alike a taste of the awaiting horror.
Will our creator ever be able to find his way out of his strange new world and return to his peaceful old life?

In an apartment on the outskirts of town, Let's Play creator, Odaken, has carved a life out for himself uploading videos where he plays games.
Yet without even realizing it, his peaceful life is gradually taking an unsettling new direction, one where a great terror lies in wait...

■ Tsugunohi Series
ImCyan has released many horror games as an indie game creator and is best known for his Tsugunohi series. The first entry in the series was branded "terrifying" online all the way back in 2012, after which Tsugunohi - A Closed Future - earned massive popularity, mainly as the subject of other creators' Let's Plays, on YouTube in Summer 2018. The series became so popular that international fans have even translated it into Chinese and Korean.

■ Odaken
Odaken uploads Let's Play videos that mainly feature horror and joke games and is known for his lively commentary.
He also uploads videos of himself playing piano, one of his many other talents.
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Windows 10


Intel Core2 Duo or higher

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Open GL compliant video card