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The game depicts a future in which Earth is dominated by a race of self-aware machines that was spawned from the creation of artificial intelligence early in the 22nd century. At one point conflict arose between mankind and machines, and the machines rebelled against their creators. A massive war emerged between the two adversaries. Machines control the weather and create storm clouds and floods to sink all human civilizations and capture humanity. The war ended with the victory of the machines, and the remaining humans were hidden under the sea. To stop the war, you need to drive your ship to machine city and hack their core.


  • You start with a basic frigate and some laser weapons.
  • Buy and customize your ship.
  • To loot new weapons, modules and blueprints.
  • Upgrade your weapons and ships based on the resources you have.
  • To kill incoming enemies.
  • All weapons automatically attack.
  • Game scripts are editable. You can modify or add any content of this game if you are interested.


Contents in current version
5 main ships
16 ship parts
17 weapons
3 special abilities

In Zion Survivors, you choose weapons to arm your ship. You can also upgrade your ship by collecting new weapons or modules. You can also level up your ship by collecting energy orbs. You DRIVE your ship as far north as you can. You can also ACTIVATE your special abilities when you are in danger. You will face more and more enemies. They will try to destroy your ship, so a powerful ship is very important. Finally, you reach the machine city and finish the game.

Ship bay
The underwater station is your secret base. There you can repair and customize your ship. Each site is tunneled so you can store and exchange resources there.

The Machine force
These machines build defenses for their machine cities. There are huge city walls, flying machine jellyfish and machine defense towers. Once you get close to Machine City, you'll face increasing waves of enemies.

Auto attack
Ship weapons automatically target and attack incoming enemies. They are smart and automatically choose the right target. Combining different weapons skillfully is important for survival.

Special abilities
There are 3 abilities in EA stage.
1. EMP
The EMP will destroy all weaker machines enemy. And you could have seconds of peaceful time.
2. Haste
Increase the power output of the engine and accelerate your ship.
3. Energy Shield
Energy Shield is an active or passive feature. It protects your ship from machine enemies. It is automatically enabled when any enemy tries to damage your ship.

Level up
You can upgrade many attributes of all weapons, eg. damage, speed, accuracy, etc. And if you get enough energy orb, you can level up your ship and choose a reward to upgrade some abilities of your ship.

Supports mouse and keyboard.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:



Intel i3+

Grafik Kartı:

Integrated GPU or better


512 GB RAM