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Drain the past

Legend tells that deep within the endless desert lies the dry remnants of an ancient submerged city said to hold a source of endless water - The heart of the City. Playing as the Submariner, you will fight past the city's defences, navigating its labyrinth of halls and mechanisms in order to reach the heart.

Two worlds

Water is all but extinct in the world of the Submariner - Join forces with the remnants of nature with the aid of your newfound pot plant companion in a heist to steal from a past civilization drowning in wealth. Explore a submerged city filled with life and mystery in both its past and present form; encounter all manner of wonders and dangers as you overcome the challenges of your descent and the true nature of the city is revealed.

  • Explore the ancient submerged city both in the past and the present
  • Jump, run and avoid hazards as you descend further into the city.
  • Solve puzzles taking advantage of the city's ancient mechanisms and your time switching abilities
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