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Flint Okoye

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An immersive dive in to an action packed gameplay storyline of the Yakuzas
This is a game set off in the east side of Tokyo, following an intense combat gameplay style and a 3D storytelling cinematic cutscene about a yakuza member named RyuGoku whose Beloved"Xioyu" was taken as a collateral for losing the syndicate boss money in a setup that took him to jail, unaware of what has happened, after his release he set's off to find his missing lover and seek the truth.

This game offers a rich beat em up style gameplay where you play as a RyuGoku following a 3D cinematic storytelling sequence.
Well designed and skilled Bosses
Play through more than 15+ levels and Boss fights
Gorgeous levels
Good Graphics

While you start off as RyuGoku, shortly after a cutscene that introduces you to the story behind this game, you will be constantly involved in Frequently intense combat, fighting through Mobs,Bandits and Gangstas all working for the Tojo clan, carefully studying and mastering the type of weapons and time to pick them up and use them in other to complete each levels, each levels comes with a 3D cinematic cutscenes that gets you furtherly immersed in to this game... As you play on you will find out if you seek the Truth, your Beloved or Revenge.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit


Dual Core Processor

Grafik Kartı:

Graphics Card with Dx10 (Shader 4.0) capabilities