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The main hero Baxter is a rebel fighter on the losing side against the New Empire.
He barely survived his last battle and was placed into a metal body to stay alive.
With ongoing battles between the New Empire and rebels guarding the outer borders of known space.
Stranded on a planet called Alura, he became a scavenger of fallen spacecrafts.
He's looking for his long lost father who was taken away by the New Empire.
The empire is trying to conquer the last free people living behind the space borders.


Wreckdigger is a Metroidvania with non-linear story. You're given the freedom to explore the world to progress as you wish.

There are several weapons to choose from. Baxter's armor has a power beam in the chest.

Fuel up your jetpack and don't forget to eat something when feeling hungry. Buy food at a Caffe in wastelands.

Fight many type of enemies during your journey and hide from the Scavenger Destroyer that's after you.

Defeat several bosses throughout your journey.

Use items from your inventory to solve quests. Buy some items at the merchants. Collect coins.

Fight Mr. Fats and his Scavenger goons to avoid dangerous technology getting in Empires hands.


LEFT, RIGHT arrow keys - walk

DOWN arrow key - use, talk, shield

Z - jump

X - shoot(projectiles out of robotic hero's body chest)

C - spinattack(when obtained)

SPACE and Z - Jetpack

ENTER - inventory

A or LEFT arrow key - inv left

S or RIGHT arrow key -inv right

D - Use selected item

M - Map(when obtained)

R - Reset game

Your feedback and comments would help to improve the game.

Thanks for your support!
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7/8/10


1.7GHz processor

Grafik Kartı:

OpenGL 2.0 + 256MB VRAM