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Tooru Akagi

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Do "Win"!

"Win by Definition" is a one-player card game adventure.
The card games you've been playing are probably that you have to try to reduce the opponent's HP/LP or collect some points to win.
Sometimes you may be a bit tired of bogus rules and incomprehensible effect processing.
But this game is quite different. Run the card which has the effect "win" below, or that's all.
you will be born as a role of a subspace in a world where nothing should have existed
and explore for what you are.

The goal [/]
In a card game, you do everything that is written on the card.
Draw cards, send them to the graveyard area, exile things ... that's not all.
You even need a card to enter some stages and move around the world.
Sometimes you will get and own cards, for battle others.
Define the victory, and challenge every way for the victory.

Features [/]

Unquestionable gameplay [/]
It's very difficult to explain how this game works.
If I say "You use one card. Repeat this.",
It may be an explanation of the rules.
The most remarkable feature of this game is its simplicity.
What to draw each turn, how many cards to draw, where you draw from,
even where is the hand, how can you win for, are there opponents, and what are your live points,
even is there a status of "life point" ?
Everything is undefined until a stage starts.

Example of Card effects [/]
Here are just a sort of 5% of the effects used in the game.
  • 「Card A」を1枚手札に加える.(Add 1 "Card A" to your hand.)
  • 手札を100枚捨てる.(Put 100 cards in your hand into the graveyard.)
  • 「ライフポイント」を2にする.(Set your "life point" to 2.)
  • 墓地が30枚以上なら,勝つ.(If you have 30 or more graveyards, you win.)
  • 「手札の1枚」を手札に加える.(Add one of your "one of your hand" to your hand. it's not one of your hand but a card named "one of your hand".)
  • 「墓地」は「手札」を意味する.("Cemetery" means "hand".)
  • 「song.ogg」を再生する.(Play "song.ogg".)
  • 背景をギザギザにする. (bold the background with the tile of "gizagiza (=jagged)".)
  • 場を非公開情報にする.(Make "the field" private information that you can't see.)[/]

    from the developer [/]
    So, for the first time, my name is Toorun12.
    It's for the first time we have developed a game.
    The content is, sort of a "mysterious adventure".
    It would be great if you could re-recognize what should be "win" and what is the best thing we call literally "card game" after a mysterious experience through out this.

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windows 7


Intel ‎Core i5


256 MB RAM