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"Strategic Swing Adventure - Was it a cat I saw?: Why does a cat want to overcome a difficult process and climb to the top?"
The game is a platform challenge about struggling to dig deeper into why your cat behaves incomprehensible. Players become one with the cat and must master the "tail swing" skill to reach the top. With every crash, guess the cat's intentions!


-Our cat's tail has a special power!
Press the space bar stretches the tail in the direction it was aimed, allowing it to hang from the ceiling.
Press the space bar again to restore the tail fastened to the ceiling.

-Master the "tail swing" skill!
If you hold down the left and right keys while hanging from the ceiling, it will move slowly in the direction you applied the force.
However, be aware that swinging too high can make the cat anxious (it may fall off)

-We have introduced a system for beginners to high-risk platform games!
When the Q or W button is activated, you can turn back time or teleport using portals.
However, remember that if you clear without using skills, you will get a greater sense of accomplishment.

-Two difficulty levels! (Hard / Hell)
There is no normal difficulty level.
Depending on the difficulty, the number of times the tail can be shot is limited and the defense to withstand shocks is different.

- The bigger the swing, the longer the glide
- Save all your progress in real time
- Compete for records with your friends
- Overcome it with tough but addictive gameplay


During your journey to the top, you will be able to explore the cuty world from a cat's point of view.

- Spicy taste with pixels
- Addictive OST and sound effects
- Various gimmicks and obstacles

Q1.Will you be able to reach the top?
A1.Efforts do not betray.

Q2.Why do cats want to climb to the top?
A2.Check it out in the final ending. Cats (games) are difficult, so I can't tell you secrets easily :)

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Windows 7


Dual Core 2.4 GhZ