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In Vowel Movements you race against the clock to group words together into categories. The only catch is that each of the vowels has been replaced by a different vowel.


You are given a grid of 16 words that need to be grouped together into four categories before the timer expires. To make things slightly more tricky all of the words have had their vowels replaced by other vowels making them surprisingly difficult to read.

If you’re stuck on a particular word you can trade some of your time to unscramble the vowels. There is also a time penalty for any set of words that is incorrectly grouped, so random guessing and blind clicking are probably not the way to go.

Daily Challenge - Each day a puzzle will be set that is the same for everyone in the world. Will you be the first of your friends to solve it?

Arcade Mode - There is also a mode that you can play anytime, where you receive a score based upon how quickly you complete each level.

If you still think this all sounds far too easy, why not try to solve the puzzles in the trailer?

Your challenge awaits...
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