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In the future, people can have a digital partner of their own~ In the meta-universe, we can come to the virtual world and be with our digital girlfriend. The game will bring you into the virtual digital world, you and your virtual Your partner "Kaya" is in her bedroom, you can do whatever you want~Kaya will follow any arrangement you make~have 3A game experience~

You can change all kinds of sexy clothes for her~ You can also control her body to do anything. We provide a fully editable mode. In the edit mode, you can manipulate everything about her.

The game also adds a small game function, which allows you to get dozens of "special" toys ~ bring happiness to Kaya.

A rich achievement system has also been added to the game, and more achievements are waiting for you to unlock~

I hope that in this virtual world, you can have a wonderful time with Kaya~
Finally, thank you for reading here, and thank you for experiencing this game, I believe this game will not let you down~
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i5 Or higher

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GTX 960 Or higher