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dark.ryona.x15, H-GAME

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/// Story

3 months have passed since that battle.
The princess warrior who had her fought in the end in the war that destroyed the kingdom was taken prisoner.
The captured princess warrior is caught and waits her day of execution.

Then on the day of execution…
A banquet is held by the monsters celebrating victory in the war.
The main event is the execution of the princess warrior.

In those 3 months, the princess warrior has regained her powers and recovered her broken armor and sword.

While the monsters let out screams of delight, a one-sided battle starts.
The princess warrior is tormented, shamed, destroyed and executed.
The execution has been left to Pastrol who had many of his subordinates killed and hates the princess warrior.

Tonight, the curtain opens on the final battle of the princess warrior.
Tonight, the princes warrior will be destroyed…

/// Public execution of princess warrior Beatrice

Public show where she is beaten, her armor destroyed, and she is raped.
The merciless, demonic and cruel public execution of Princess warrior Beatrice captured by the monsters begins.

/// Game system

This is a devil fighting game in which the princess warrior is attacked, reviled and shamed.
In the jail where two people can barely fit, the all-conquering Pastrol attacks the princess warrior.

As he continued to beat her, the princess warrior's armor is destroyed, her clothes ripped and her shame revealed.
With nowhere to run, the princess warrior has to attack.

The game mainly involves punching, kicking, tackling, and grabbing and hitting.
By using the combos well, you can make the opponent lose consciousness.

Once the princess warrior is made unconscious, a variety of rape and torture techniques can be used.

*For people who like difficult games, the level of difficulty can be adjusted.

/// Riona ACT

This is a Riona animation ACT for which the name Dark Riona is really suitable.
People who do not like Riona should beware.
The princess warrior is chased into a corner, captured and then publicly executed.

The sex scenes are in animation.
Doggy rape, riding rape, face fucking, doll-play rape, foot jobs, crotch ripping etc.
With this animation, you can enjoy Patrol destroying the princess warrior.
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