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Test your skills in the Art of VAMPIRE COMBAT. Become one of 6 dynamic, elegant, Vampires of Fullerton: Ashzel, Casandra, Larson, Johfra, Colmillo, and LeonaLisa. Rendezvous with a worthy Vampire opponent acclimated in all disciplines. Showcase your VAMPIRE COMBAT skills.

VAMPIRE COMBAT is a fighter style game. There are a variety of different Vampire characters to select from, with a range of different fighting styles. Chose between 1 and 2 player modes in the Main menu. The game has a plethora, of intriguing rendezvous locations to chose from. The health bars, timer, and movement from opponent all create a dynamic, and challenging experience. Players have an option of challenging themselves further, by selecting between 3 difficulty modes: 1. Easy, 2. Standard, and 3.Expert. Fight 3 rounds in decadent vampire mannerisms. Experience Vampire Combat and fight in Vampire Style.
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