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Nebula Invasion was designed for those who enjoy the classic type arcade games, a spaceship shooter with great gameplay. Aliens attack many different ways from marching to dive bombing. But you have the tools to fight back with a ship that can power-up with double, triple, rapid fire, or plasma cannon. This newer ship was also installed with a thruster to get close and personal with the raiders. It was designed in 2021 with Unreal Engine, a 2D game with 3D flair. Pixels blow up everywhere with UE4's beautiful, realistic physics. Saucers fly in from nowhere, and the bosses are agile with powerful homing weapons.

How many times have you thought, I like the classic arcade games for their gameplay, but they are really so basic. Red Wolf Studios is working on producing the same type of classics but adding complexity and excitement without making the game more difficult to navigate.

Just cause mayhem. Blow up the top aliens or missiles shot by bosses to release power-ups that will spin down to your ship. You don't always get one and it's totally random. Continue to rid space of those pestilence as you wait for it to drop. Then it happens, your ship transforms into a double-cannon or triple-cannon, letting you kill them even faster. The more you destroy, the faster they move. Stay sharp and outwit them. Your survival will depend on it.

After clearing 3 levels, you will encounter your first boss, the one with the ears. It shoots deadly homing missiles at irregular intervals. If you shoot those missiles, they can provide power-ups as well, but try to go into the fight powered-up already. Otherwise, it could cost you lives, especially at the higher levels. The second boss is more difficult. It fires homing missiles and homing fireballs. Those fireballs don't provide any power-ups, so hit those homing missiles when you can. The third boss has only fireballs, so be sure to go into the fight with at least the Rapid Fire or Plasma Cannon power-up. The Plasma Cannon comes with an electric shield, protecting you from all missiles, bombs, and fireballs.

Gameplay progressively gets harder with each level cleared. Even the bosses increase their rate of attack. Make sure to stay in the middle of empty columns to help guard yourself from getting blown-up from streams of missiles in the higher levels.

There are four power-ups:

1. Double Cannon
2. Triple Cannon
3. Rapid Fire
4. Plasma Cannon with Shield

You will fight three different aliens and their corresponding bosses. A large space ship will fly overhead and upon destroying it, 300 points is awarded. After level 5, that ship starts to fight back and drops ticking time bombs. Later a new smaller space ship goes into action and fires tiny homing fireballs. Be careful, you might have to zigzag to avoid that one. Better yet, shoot it down for 1000 points.

The boss pieces are worth 5 points, and when the boss is destroyed, it can offer a prize of 750, 950, or 1250.

Every 10,000 points you receive an extra life.

You start off in the Blue Nebula, then after defeating the first 3 bosses, you will advance to the Rust Belt Nebula. Defeat it's three bosses and you enter into the Dog Spirit Galaxy. Next is Deep Space, then the Outer Limits. You will notice that outer space never stays the same from level to level. The Nebulas get brighter until a new one is reached.

If your timer drops to zero, all invaders are destroyed and a new level is presented. That helps prevent from raking up points and waiting for the space ships to show up, thus gaming the system and not achieving a score worthy of your true fighting skill.

So please enjoy your space battles. We will be listening to your feedback and possibly incorporate your good ideas into our next update. Together we can make fighting aliens more enjoyable than ever.
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