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UFOTOFU: HEX is a zen match puzzler where the aim is to create chains of symbols in palindrome sequences. The inventive palindrome matching gameplay occurs on a hexagonal grid providing six directions to trace your path over the board, even more directions than most traditional puzzle matching games.

With charming sound, satisfying animations and colourblind-friendly visuals, take your time creating the longest chains possible in a serene environment. Delivered in a dreamy arcade style, it’s sure to be a favourite for both casual and seasoned players.

Innovative Match Gameplay

UFOTOFU: HEX shakes up the genre by asking players to form visual palindrome sequences across a hex grid rather than simply connecting identical symbols.

Challenging, but relaxing

UFOTOFU: HEX has no time limit. Feel free to sit back and concentrate on making the longest chains you can.

Colourblind friendly

Using distinct shapes and colours for our symbols and board, the game is immediately accessible to colourblind players.

Textless interface

Using intuitive interface design instead of text, UFOTOFU: HEX can be enjoyed by speakers of any language.

As the sequel to the mobile exclusive UFOTOFU, UFOTOFU: HEX features upgraded art, music and gameplay wrapped in a charming aesthetic. The hexagonal grid opens up the possibility for veteran puzzle players to truly flex their puzzle solving skills in a relaxing experience that is sure to satisfy.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

64-bit Windows 7


2.3 GHz

Grafik Kartı:

256 MB of video memory