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Twinland is a Metroidvania set in a kingdom full of weird creatures, dangerous dungeons and powerful artifacts. You play as an average guy who once fell asleep at his office desk and somehow warped to this mysterious land. The first 'person' he met there was a talking sword stuck in stone. So the would-be hero grabbed this weapon (which happened to have some shape-shifting abilities and aversion to human touch) and set out to explore Twinland 'cause he had nothing better to do anyway.

  • Do traditional Metroidvania things: fill the map, fight the bosses, expand your abilities to gain access to new places and carve your path to one of multiple endings
  • Choose between two different set of arms, then improve your skills as either Magician or Gunner by leveling up. It's a run and gun game at heart!
  • Play a role: choose between acting friendly and showing strength in certain situations and make other choices that affect both your character and the world around him
  • Explore side content: hunt rare monsters, borrow books from the library, catch and train pet bugs, play mini-games and try to survive in optional dungeons
  • Try NG+ (-ish) mode: look for certain 'tools' on your first playthrough, then use them to modify your next run in many different ways
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7


Intel Atom 230

Grafik Kartı:

Intel 945 Express


512 MB RAM