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True_Aim is an Aim Trainer software designed to offer a complete warm-up program for competitive Shooter games in a really short time (4 minutes), powering a smart analysis algorithm that adapts in real time the difficulty of the exercises to push the player's performances further and further, without ever making it feel "too hard".

Light, compact, optimized, everything has been conceived to maximize the efficiency of the training. All 3 exercises are targeting at least one of the 4 specific points of aiming in today’s most common games: flick’s speed & accuracy, and tracking smoothness & micro-correction.

The first exercise, "Flick Speed", is perfectly fitting to its name. During this, all the player has to do is flick as fast as he can, without focusing on the accuracy.

The second exercise, "Flick Precision", should come right after the "Flick speed" exercise. It has been made to be challenging for the player, forcing him to flick between two small-sized targets, each one being moderately-spaced from the other, and with a performance-based time restriction, triggered after the destruction of the other one, to remain acceptable in a competitive context.

The third exercise, "Tracking", is targeting the last two aiming’s fundamentals: tracking smoothness and micro-correction. In this exercise, the only objective is simple: keep the crosshair right on the target. The target will automatically adjust it’s speed to be trackable for any player, but to stay challenging for the best ones. The target will reach totally randomized directions, following a linear trajectory, so the corrections made will be similar to the ones made in actual Shooters.

You can either choose to do a complete Playlist, or to practice one specific exercise, for the duration you want to dedicate to it, and choose between 4 levels of base difficulty:
- "Warm-up", made to pleasantly warm your muscles up.
- "Soft Training", conceived to be a starting point in individual training for new Mouse & Keyboard players.
- "Regular Training", aiming to help the regular players in their progression with a real challenge, giving the best results when the training is integrated in a daily routine.
- "Intense Training", designed for the elite of FPS, making them real Headshot machines, but requiring a great muscle memory, and a good concentration.

The entire training environment is customizable, from the hit sounds to the crosshair, passing by the targets color, to make the experience pleasant to everyone.

The software has been thought to auto-adapt itself to the player, so, the software only require a very few settings to be totally operational, almost allowing a "Download & Practice" experience.
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 - 32 bits


Any 4 Cores CPUs

Grafik Kartı:

NVIDIA GTX 960 or AMD R5 260X