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Hookaria Games

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Explore mysterious lands, meet and recruit new characters, face many dangers and try to reach the Tower of Spirit!

As you progress in a run, you will face a series of random encounters. There are different types of encounters: combat, discovery, and bonfire. Each offers unique challenges and rewards. When you reach a bonfire, you will have the opportunity to add a new character to your party and increase your chances to go further on the road.

The core game experience is implemented. It offers 4 playable characters, 26 emblems to collect and more than 20 types of encounters right now which already gives players a lot of combinations to create unique builds and synergies.


  • Randomness and Choices Everywhere: Every time you embark on this journey, you'll face new encounters, new enemies and discover new secrets! Choices matter a lot and depending on your situation, some will rush you into despair while others will grant you immense benefits.
  • Not your typical group RPG: Gather a group of different characters met on your way and try new synergy each time!
  • Experiment with Emblems: Those relics grant a variety of powerful bonuses and abilities. But you cannot equip them all! Choose wisely and adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Hand-drawn Universe: The world of Tower of Spirit is full of cute-looking, creepy, and weird characters and monsters, drawn and animated frame by frame in an old fashion 2D style!
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