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Cast spells on a large cast of quirky NPCs in Tomorrow for Mar, a 2.5D VN about the trials and tribulations of university, university tests and those pesky uni crushes. Mar needs to collect three potion ingredients in order to pass their final, but they get paired up with their longtime crush to do so! Cast spells, collect ingredients and confess!

This game features:

A short little adventure you can finish in 30-60 mins! (Perfect for streaming)
A 2.5D environment you can walk around and explore
A non-binary protagonist
Magical spells you can cast on a large cast of quirky NPCs, each with unique reactions
A cute little love story between two shy nerds
Drink??? Snot-flavored coffee?? (Ew).

This game was originally created as part of a bundle that celebrated tiny bite-sized games. By purchasing this game you are directly supporting independent game developers (me :D) and allowing us to continue our passion of makin' gaems. I loved working on this title and am honored to be able to port it to steam!
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