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Tiny Robo Puzzles Contains 4 Tiny Puzzle Games that you can enjoy!

Game Features:
- 4 tiny puzzle games
- 80+ Levels across different games
- Cute Pixel graphics
- Brain Training Puzzles
- 8-bit soundtracks
- Logical thinking Levels

1. ROBROS is a puzzle game, where you take control of your robots to push the blocks, First robot can push other blocks, while the second robot can attract iron blocks using magnets, you can switch between both robots to push all the iron blocks. In Every level, You have to think about how to avoid all the obstacles like pitfalls, Woodblocks, and Powerful magnets in your way to complete your task. This Puzzle game will challenge your mind to think ahead of time and move accordingly to not get stuck and push all the iron blocks.

2. Merge Bots- Your goal is to merge with all other bots. The bots will also move with you in the opposing direction of your move. overcome every obstacle and merge!

3. Rescue Bot-Your goal is to help the stuck man to get to the finish sign, Using a Rescue bot. Place blocks using the Rescue bot. You can also collect blocks by moving towards the blocks.

4. Robo Twins- Your goal is to help the small Robo to get to the battery, you have a twin brother who can help you. You can transfer your energy between two twin robots.

This Game is for you if:
- you like small puzzles
- mini browser puzzle games
- pixel graphics
- short burst of gameplay.
- you like brain training/brain-teasing puzzles
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10


Intel Celeron 1800 MHz