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Thugs Never Die is an Open World game where you get to control Bob Davidson, a person who was working in his friend's car wash but later on he became a criminal.

After some time in Europe, it was finally time to get back to the hometown Freedom City. Now, it's a bit different then before as the poverty rate of the city has worsen and Bob Davidson has to find a way to make a living. From working for his old friend who is actually a car wash owner but he is doing other kind of jobs to earn more to cooperating with the biggest Mafia of the city, he will make a great living but will also find himself in trouble.

It's the 50's and this city is like living dream only for criminals. So, Bob is ready to take a step further and turn his life into becoming a real gangster. By returning back home and starting all the way from the start, he will face life in a different way which he might not like at the start but later on he will get used to it and start liking it.

The reason that there's poverty in the city is because of a scandal from the government happened some time ago in which they tried developing the city into a modern one and now the economy is low.

So, take your time to explore the city and make it to living the dream that everyone wants in Freedom city.

Key Features:

- Live the 1950's modernized style

Freedom City is a city where it feels like being in 1950's but there are modern cars to drive, modern weapons to grab and shoot and Mafia style people to meet. Drive cars that can run out of fuel, kill enemies that make you feel like nothing or that you own them something and bring big cash to your place by completing missions.

- Story mode full of action and big rewards

Play 70 missions where you will be working for your friend but this time as a criminal where you will be killing businessmen to earn big money and your name will get in the ears of the biggest Mafia in the city and they will be willing to cooperate with you. Participate in missions where you will get to kill businessmen, get new modern cars in your possession, modern guns and chase down the people who don't want you to be in a good condition!

- Explore the whole place in different ways

You are free to explore the city in any way you want, no matter if it's on foot or by car, you can do it in any way. There's a lot of places you can access in the city such as burger shops, banks, gas stations, a big park and houses. You can also swim all the way to the Freedom Island and get to see the historical Statue Of Liberty.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 10


Core i5 - 10400 2.90 GHz

Grafik Kartı:

Nvidia Geforce RTX 1660 4 GB