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Come and get the thrill in this crazy parkour game !!

No cycles,
No texts,
No complicated weird mechanics,

Just a fresh and challenging game to have fun with, and also try hard if you unlock the hardcore mode.

Let's talk about the story a bit :
You are a penguin with a bandana that jumps and slide, great is'nt it? Our team spent a bunch of efforts in the development of this story.

Now let's see serious things :

polished hand crafted level design, with a very suitable mechanics that offer many possiblities and ways to pass the level,
without struggling too much in easy/normal mode.

Only arrows and 2 buttons in use (jump and dive)
and when I say "arrows" let's say only left and right, no dash up/down so you can't miss your dash.
(only down arrow is used to dive deep in the water, pretty rare in the game actually, and don't worry, levels with water in it are not "water levels" xD )

6 zones with 9 levels each, plus a boss,
replayable in hardcore mode to get the full thrill.

I really hope you'll enjoy this game since I put a lot of reflexion in it to make it as fun as possible,
So give it a try and feel free to drop a feedback !!
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 or higher (win64)


Pentium 4 or Higher

Grafik Kartı:

250 MB or higher

Depolama Alanı:

520 MB available space