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The Voices Games

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A collection of 4 small games by The Voices Games


While exploring deep underground caves on an alien planet, worldwide seismic activity triggers a cave in which leaves only one narrow channel of ascent

A tale of action, horror, romance.... and betrayal

A retro style vertical scrolling shooter

  • shoot all the enemies to obtain 100% score
  • enemies drop debris when destroyed which must be dodged

Violetti Goottii:

While exploring a mysterious cave in the forest a completely unpredictable accident leaves you trapped underground where you must escape by using you inhuman strength to hurl giant blocks at your enemies and activate abilities conferred by special blocks.

A pixel art 2d platformer.
  • pickup and throw blocks to kill enemies and use as platforms to reach higher areas
  • some blocks confer special abilites which held such as cannon and helicoptor
  • each level has a special challenge which must be achieved to obtain 100%

Dragons in Space:

Space dragons are attacking! Destroy them all using a variety of weapons and rescue all the escape pods

(the're not really dragons)

A side scrolling shootemup
  • each level has 1 weapon which has to be used in that particular level: boomerang, laser sword or bouncy bullets
  • collect escape pods, kill all enemies and avoid taking damage to achieve 3 stars in each level
Endless Shaft:

Take control of the Perpetually Descending Man as he plummets ever downwards in five never ending shafts, each providing a unique challenge.

Score attack survival game
  • 5 different survival levels with different hazards
  • boss level to be unlocked when you achieve a high enough score
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