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" The Search for Fran 2 "
Created by : Archor Wright
Welcome to Sans Fran City. Your name is Remis Vancosid, You are here to search for Fran, again. While searching, You can also talk with people and go on Quests , Collect Glorbs , Drive Cars , Fly a Drone , Crash Cars, Annoy Pedestrians, Try a "Challenge" {See Below} and much more !

* NOTE: You must Collect ALL GLORBS and Complete ALL QUESTS to Finish *


Here are more of the features and content You can expect from this amazing game . . .

Go on Quests given to You by NPCs ALL over the large City area.
Collect Glorbs to Reach Your Goal.
Drive & Crash Cars to make as much damage as possible.
Fly a Drone ALL Over the City.
Annoy Pedestrians by blocking their path and wrangling them in a new direction.

To Increase Performance, You can Adjust the "Crowd", "Traffic" and "Parked Cars" settings in the Menu.

NOTE: You can only drive "Street Parked" Cars.

You can also Choose Day or Night Mode and adjust the Angle of the Sun.

Witness the GPU Melting Power of Unreal Engine 5 . . .

The Quests are Questier !

The Glorbs are Glorbier !

Fran is even More Frantastic !

During Car Crashes, You can use "Bullet-Time" or the New "Nano-Time" feature to see every little detail.

You can use the Drone to survey the area for Clues to Your next Quest or Glorb Locations.

You can try the Following Challenges . . .

"Easter Egg" Challenge - How many other Archor Games Logos Appear in the Game ?
"Speed Run" Challenge - What is the Fastest Time You can find Fran ?
"Scenic" Pictures Challenge - Take Screenshots of the Beautiful City and share them on Social Media with Your Friends.
"Walkthrough" Challenge - Post a video of a Complete 'Walkthrough' of the entire Game.
Walk Don't Run Challenge - Only Walk (No Sprinting, Flying, or Driving) for the Entire Game.
Driven Challenge - Use Only Cars to Travel, No Drones.
"Crash Test Idiot" Challenge - While cars are crashing, try "Bullet-Time" OR "Nano-Time" for a cool Effect, Share Your video online !
Car Surfer Challenge - Figure out how to get on top of an A.I. Car and Ride it around the Map.
High Flyer Challenge - Use Only Drones to Travel, No cars.
"C.A.D.E." Challenge - Find the CADE, ARCH, DEBIE, EVAN Posters and Take a Snapshot and Share it online.
"King o' the World" Challenge - Figure out how You get to the Platform at the Top of the Tower and Post a Video of it.
"Steamy Streamer" Challenge - Get ALL of the Archor Games products available on Steam and Stream ALL of them Beginning to End.
"IRL ARG" Challenge - This game and other ARCHOR GAMES are part of an "Alternate Reality Game" "In Real Life" Challenge, be sure to check out ALL of our games for Clues to the Mystery.