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On the way back to the sect, Ji Wu, the master of the Tianling Sect of the Xianwu Continent, was besieged by hundreds of men in black. Ji Wu finally escaped back to the sect at all costs, but he had not much time left.
Ji Wu exhausted the remaining life and sent his son to the lowest plane to avoid chasing and killing. At the same time, the claws of the Abyss universe were stretched out, and the Abyss Lords were summoning their subordinates to prepare for an invasion of this universe.
Can Ji Feng fulfill his father's last wish and establish the strongest sect? And can he resist the invasion from the Abyss?

The master of the sect

The player is the master of the Tianling Sect, and can make the sect stronger through various methods.
Recruit outstanding disciples and train them.
Buy spirit beasts, upgrade facilities, and build miraculous buildings.
Choose sect concepts and upgrade technology.
Through various methods, players will grow up their sects step by step.

Some functions

Disciple: disciple can wear 3 kinds of equipment, cultivate 5 cultivation laws, and equip 5 mechanical organs.
Equipment and cultivation laws: each has 3 types and 7 levels.
Technology: Upgrade the projectsin each branch to get some effects.
Facilities: Facilities have the functions of increasing spirit stones, medicinal materials, and enhancing the attributes of disciples.
Treasure: After defeating the Abyss demon, you can get a treasure.
Miracle Building: Get blueprints through system lottery, which can be constructed at the expense of spirit stones.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7


intel i3


4096 MB RAM