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Atlantean Games

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Put on your detective hat, and get ready for the mystery of a lifetime.

Embark on a plot-driven, walking simulator-puzzle video game with an amazing plot and surprise ending.

Play in first-person!

You're sent to find a secret machine from your mysterious grandfather's house after his passing.
Will you be able to find the secret machine and unlock its powers? Or will you get lost in the Victorian home?

Play in a Beautiful, Vintage Home

Play in a historical Victorian house. Dig for clues in nooks and crannies. Find dialogue and puzzle options hidden everywhere.

Tons of Puzzles

Solve a bunch of puzzles in EACH ROOM! Plus, an overarching puzzle spans the game.
Piece together objects and dialogue from each room. Everything comes together for a powerful, satisfying ending.

Will you make it that far? Or will you meet William's fate?

As you dig deeper in the house, you'll find more items with an ever more interesting history. Be careful what you touch.

If you like mystery, history and crime, you'll LOVE The Mystery of William Moore. The game is short but sweet.

Don’t miss out on the game of a lifetime. Play today.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 10


AMD FX 6300 / Intel Core i3-6300

Grafik Kartı:

GTX 1050 or RX560