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Ozzie Sneddon

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Join Juul, a youth whose mind has been altered by an unnatural anxiety fueled by a terrible curse. and Glasswalker, an Elder Pilgrim of a spiritually evolved people, as they travel across the world to seek treatment for Juul's mind.

On your journey, you will travel through colorful landscapes, meet beautiful and dangerous creatures, and seek guidance from great beings made purely from thought.

Each level presents you with a different puzzle featuring stunning traditionally-drawn art and animation. Gather information on the world around you with your Awe Lens, then use your new knowledge to triumph over each unique challenge.

  • Features a narrative presented across 12 levels of stunning traditionally animated locations!
  • Secrets to uncover through multiple endings!
  • Approx 1-2 hours to complete. ( 3 hours if you do the hidden/secret content. )

    (Originally created in 2017)