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The Liminal is a psychological horror adventure where you have been tasked with guiding a forgotten child through strange, abstract, and disturbed worlds. Encounter bizarre and memorable creatures both friend and foe, immerse yourself in sprawling and twisted landscapes, and evade perilous pursuers while you search for answers in this surreal experience inspired by cult classic games, internet horror phenomena, and life experiences.

  • A unique visual style blending classic pixel-art with digital artwork, photography, hand-drawn sketches and AI generated imagery.
  • A story driven experience with an emphasis on exploration and no traditional enemy encounter systems.
  • Interesting, memorable, and sometimes philosophical characters to encounter during your journey.
  • Sprawling, maze-like abstract levels ranging from barren wastelands to lively cities, and equally unique and psychedelic foes to evade along the way.
  • A thoughtfully composed 100+ song ambient soundtrack with a wide variety of tunes of both varied tones and lengths.
  • Hidden secrets, worlds, characters and other elements for the most intrepid travelers to uncover.
  • 20 save files ensuring easy ability to replay and dig deeper into your favorite sections.
  • A great deal of immense pain and agony.
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