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Clyde Raveron and his coworker Devon Rhodes find themselves in a mysterious place with 14 other strangers, where they are forced to compete in a series of sadistic games of life and death. Each game is presented by a bubbly goddess with a penchant for chaos, and the players will need to survive each round if they hope to be granted one wish.

Nothing is promised during the Game of Fourtune. Depending on the route, Clyde and Devon could end up on opposing teams, forced to try to kill each other. Add a cast of 14 other characters and players will discover that there are all sorts of ways to fight and scheme in order to survive this deadly game.

The Game Features:
  • Character Driven Story:
    Play as Clyde and Devon as they figure out how to make it out of the Game of Fourtune alive. With 14 other players in this game, each with their own agenda, secrets, and goals, you’ll have to remain alert, learning more about each of them along the way.

  • 16 Unique Routes:
    Throughout the game, you will go on 16 unique routes for each player you will meet. These routes will be split between the perspective of Clyde and Devon and will feature different games and interactions. Each route will reveal more about a character’s desires, their past, and why they’re fighting for their life in The Game of Fourtune.

  • Puzzles and Death Games Galore:
    Players will find a variety of puzzles and death games to explore during each route. Some are games of trust and chance, others will test your ability to read your opponent or your teammates, and others are just flat-out brawls. You can never be certain of what kind of games await you!

  • An Elegant and Expanding Flowchart:
    Keep track of your progress through The Game of Fourtune using the flowchart system. A simple and elegant way to branch out to different paths and discover what routes are yet to be discovered.

  • Uncover The Greater Plot and Mystery:
    Even among the death games, some characters are planning schemes and plots that go beyond The Game of Fourtune itself. Some for themselves, some for redemption, some for others in power. Unravel the mysteries, discover the participant's greater plans and how many of them are merely pawns as opposed to players. Maybe then, you'll be able to achieve the best ending possible.
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OS: Windows 7


1 Ghz

Grafik Kartı:

DirectX or OpenGL compatible card