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The Dancer - Definitive Edition contains all 3 chapters of the dancer saga, with new features, even BETTER visuals, and more!

The Dancer is a comedic parody of horror games with over the top enemies, a nonsensical plot, and insane chase sequences. Your job is to run away from 'the dancer' , a strange being that seems to only be capable of dancing to royalty free music, while finding the items you need for your escape in a set of varied environments. The game consists of 3 unique chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2 - Retribution, and Chapter 3 - Insurgence.

Each chapter the game features includes at least 10-30 minutes of gameplay, with each chapter including at least 1 Steam achievement.

The chapters are listed below:

Chapter 1

Run from the dancer in an abandoned asylum whilst trying to collect keys so you can escape the horrors of that which lurks in the shadows - the dancer.

Chapter 2 - Retribution

You're on a mission. Collect fuel for your helicopter in a town overrun by dancers. Play in a small open world where threat could be around every corner.

Chapter 3 - Insurgence

After carrying out your plan, you infiltrate the dancer mothership with the intent of destroying it. Kill hoards of dancers in this movement shooter-themed chapter with widely different gameplay to the rest of the game.

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy this silly little game!
-Spacepiano :D
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