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Dexter Studios

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“VR + Web-comics = VR TOON !"

Dexter Studios new “VR TOON”, "The Choice VR (선택VR)" !!
VR TOON offers a virtual experience of webcomic's 3D space, you can totally enjoy the 3D space in web-comic as real space in Virtual Reality.

“The Choice VR (선택VR)” is the 3rd immersive VR web-comic from Dexter Studios.

"My heart, My Own…"
One heart for two. A conjoined twin, Ha-eun and Ye-eun, share one heart. Ji-won, a college student, takes a summer part-time tutor job for the twins and visits the twin's house located in the middle of a deserted forest far away from the town. On the first day, the twin's mother warns her not to go anywhere but she is allowed to. Ji-won tries to ignore it, but she can't help having bad feelings. The next day, she witnesses the woman she saw yesterday kill herself in exactly the same way she saw from Ha-eun's sketchbook...

User Choice 1
There are 2 episodes in total. Using the controller, you can choose an episode to watch in the lobby area.

User Choice 2
After choosing an episode, you will enter a scene from the webtoon. Use the controller to move around the environment and enjoy following stories.

User Choice 3
Korean/English languages are supported. Subtitles available (Chinese - Subtitle Only). Choose your preferred way to enjoy the story.

Original Story
Based on webtoon (Production/KENAZ, Story/LEE EUMSAE, Drawing/GREENBE)
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Win 7 or higher


Intel Core i7 6700

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GTX 1070