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Tenko's Magical Sword Quest is to craft a magical sword from a stone piece he found as a young child. This stone raised Tenko's awareness that other stones like this one exist. Take Tenko on his journey to collect all the magical stone pieces. Will he come to realize along the way it's not the sword that makes the warrior or is the sword itself on a quest to find the one that can harness its true power?

Key Features:
  • Collect Energy orbs to boost your speed.
  • Over 65 Challenging Levels.
  • Checkpoints, keep you going.

  • Feel Good retro style soundtrack.
  • Collect all magical stone pieces to craft Tenko's Legendary Sword

    Precision style platformer with an upbeat energetic vibe that will challenge your gaming abilities. With suspenseful gameplay as you perform precise jumps, rapid movements, and perfect timing that boosts your ability to win in style. Your quest goes deep underground to master mysterious levels filled with energy orbs, exciting obstacles, and magical stones.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7 or newer


1 GHz Processor

Grafik Kartı:

Latest version of your graphics card drivers


512 MB RAM