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Savvas Pallis

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Keep the junctions charged and survive the purification process in Telos Pragmaton.

Trapped in a small house with a deadly monster, use your wits and a mysterious device to survive in this fixed perspective survival horror. Keep the junctions charged so that you don't suffocate, but tread carefully as the monster will lurk in the shadows to hunt you, becoming ever more aggressive as the purification progresses.

However, all is not lost. Thanks to your device you have three essential functions to help you against the beast.

Repel to send it running, should it be chasing you.
Reveal to light up its hiding place, should it be waiting for you.
Relocate to lure it to you, should it be somewhere you need to be.

Be warned, as charging the junctions and using these functions will only drain the battery of your device. Should you not be careful, you will be left vulnerable with only your wits to help you. You can charge your device. However, it will only use your precious time.

Survive, uncover the secrets of the purification, and solve the riddles of the seemingly normal house that traps you. There is more to it under the surface.
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Windows 7


2.5 GHz Intel Core i3 processor