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Nikolai Johansen

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Teamkill is a multiplayer arena shooter where shooting enemies makes them your friend!

Inspired by the legendary instagib mode from classics such as Quake and Unreal Tournament as well as the infection mode found in countless others, Teamkill is a fast-paced shooter where every shot counts, because hitting your enemies converts them to your team. Teamkill combines arena-shooter instagib style combat with the tension of infection!

Every match starts as a free for all, and just one good hit can turn the tides in (or against) your favor. Any match can switch from a big team battle to an infection-style hunt for the last man standing in a matter of seconds


  • Co-op..etitive? Gameplay

    Experience the unique challenges a free-for-all-turned-team-deathmatch style game brings, where all it takes is one good shot to turn an all-on-one into your victory. On the flipside, show them that getting converted to someone else's team doesn't mean things are over, as you work your way to the top of the charts by out-gunning, out-strafing and out-bunnyhopping the competition!

  • Community Content Support

    Import your own maps into the game using publicly available tools, then play them with your friends through Steam Workshop!

  • Full set of voice acting featuring Gianni Matragrano

    Witness the man, the myth, the legend, Gianni Matragrano play both the in-game announcer and Teamguy with over 100 recorded voice lines!

  • Soundtrack by animator, composer, game developer (plus voice actor) CoreyLaddo

    Enjoy an all-new synth-y original soundtrack amidst the carnage of railgun fire and "Cope, Seethe, Mald"-ing Teamguys, composed by the real CoreyLaddo!

  • Multiple Gamemodes

    If the standard "Free For All"-"Team Deathmatch" hybrid Teamkill mode isn't doing it for you, try the (slightly) more traditional Team Teamkill before swapping over to some Hide & Seek!

  • Customization Options

    Show off your creativity and advanced vocabulary by personalizing your team with a custom name, and a color! While you're at it, why not customize the game modes too? Teamkill allows for separated rules per-team, giving players the power to tweak matches to their liking.
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows Vista

Grafik Kartı:

Support for OpenGL 3.3

Depolama Alanı:

800 MB available space