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Tank Tactics is classic arcade throw back top down action shooter & puzzler. You are the hero in a world overrun by the ATTF (Autonomous Tank Tactical Force) which has "Almost" completely erased human society. Little do these robotic overlords know that in a secret human base was developed a powerful new human controlled prototype tank capable of fusing any two weapons together to create overpowering combinations! Save the world with you and a friend to free humanity with your skill, quick thinking, and smart calculations of trajectories because... Bullets bounce!

Single/Local-Multiplayer Campaign
Arcade Mode
Battle Mode
In Game Store (None IAP)
Loads of Unlockable Content
Prologue / Epilogue Story
Semi-None Linear (Pick Your Path Through Each Area)
Complete Level Editor (Used By Our Team to Design the Game)
Customize Keyboard/Mouse Controls
Great Classic Graphics+ (turn on shock waves for a neat effect!)
Xbox Controller Support
PS4 Controller Support

About the Development:
Tank Tactics started out as a concept indie game in the late 2000's by an individual student who liked the idea of making a game with whatever time he had on the side. Towards the mid 2010s the concept had developed to a point where it became clear it could be something fun and exciting which allowed the team to grow to provide beautiful high resolution graphics and art, immersive music and sound effects! Through the late 2010's the feature list grew with the visuals including the addition of game-pad support, co-op multiplayer, battle mode, achievements and a fully functioning level editor! Updates continue today through player feedback and play testing as we seek to make Tank Tactics the fullest, funnest, and thrilling game it can be! Really though. Try the local multiplayer modes. They are a blast!
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1.69 gb internal


4000 MB RAM