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Kinguin Steam 11.99 ₺ Satın Al
ENEBA Steam 19.56 ₺ Satın Al
Steam   Steam 24 ₺ Satın Al
Fanatical   Steam 132.65 ₺ Satın Al
G2A.COM Steam 163.37 ₺ Satın Al
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Rogue Moon Studios

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System Crash is a story-driven cyberpunk collectible card game inspired by Blade Runner and Neuromancer. When corporations own everything and the line between man and machine is blurred, your only option is to fight to survive!

Choose your Runner persona, build your deck, and challenge the Megacorps on their own turf!


- Face challenging opponents from corporate security forces and automated defense systems to street gangs and bounty hunters.

- Cunning AI will probe your weaknesses and test your strategy.

- Recruit agents and equip them with Black Market weapons and cybernetics. Experiment to discover powerful combos.

- Build your deck from more than 100 exciting cards to choose from.

- Play through an exciting story campaign. From the streets of San Angeles 2150 to the towering corporate arcologies.

- Interact with cunning hackers, ruthless mercenaries, scheming executives and deadly assassins. When everyone has a price, who can you trust?

Note - System Crash follows the "Living Card Game" model. There are no microtransactions or random booster packs, no F2P grinding mechanics. When you purchase the base game, all cards in the base set are included and can be unlocked via gameplay. When expansions are released, the same principle applies, you'll get all expansion cards with that expansion, as a once-off purchase.
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows XP or newer


2 GHz

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