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Survive 10 minutes please is an action roguelike 2D zombie game with a touch of RPG elements where you have to survive a zombie horde by any means. Kill them, Upgrade yourself, Choose your abilities and try your best to survive in a challenging game.


Choose the ability to upgrade yourself - Kill Them, Earn XP, Level Up, and Choose different abilities to survive against the ruthless horde.

Challenging Survival- You have to survive for just 10 minutes, but it will not be easy. You have to think strategically about when to use landmines and grenades which are limited, a knife that consumes stamina, and a gun that has limited bullets to use against different types of enemies.

Each run will be different - except for starting zombies you will encounter, Each run generates a Zombies horde, and items drop randomly so each run will give you a new experience.

You will Die a lot- This game is hard so expect more death before completion of a game. Each death will give you a better understanding of a game.

Controller Support - This game support controller to play, even without a controller game works well with the keyboard too.

Stamina system and RPG elements - in this game knife is the only melee weapon that is unlimited to use but consumes stamina to use, so watch out for it.
grenades, landmines, and bullets are limited but can obtain as drop items by a dead enemy. Note that all enemies will not drop items so use resources wisely.

Adrenaline Rush and Health regeneration: your health will regenerate very slightly automatically after some time. Your stamina will regenerate more quickly if your health is below 20 percent.

Dodge System: Dodge the enemy attack and counter-attack them.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 10


Intel Pentium G630 2.70GHz

Grafik Kartı:

Nvidia Geforce GT 710