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Super Clown is back. Now Super clown mission is to find red magic diamonds at every level in this 3d platformer where you need use jumping skills to solve puzzles and kill enemies. Those red diamonds are hidden at every level.

Evil flying golem and his army which consist enemies like: immortal skeletons, shooting cannons, virus slimes, wombats and evil blue dragons is protecting those red diamonds. Super Clown need use his jumping skills and ground pound skills to defeat enemies. Enemies can killed by jumping in their head. Some enemies like cannons and Big boss Golem shoots blue energy balls. Kill Golem enemy by jumping 3 times on to his head.
Every level contains also 3 secret blue diamonds which gives player steam achievements.
Some areas player need to kill Evil Flying Golem to unlock Red Magic diamond place.

Player can collect coins which gives extra lifes and also collecting hearths increase health. Super clown also need avoid traps like spikes, lava etc.
Also some levels contains jumping puzzles like falling and moving platforms and also platforms that can be activated by switch. Game consist 18levels with different themes like space, snow, medieval etc
So be Super clown and save those red diamonds from evil enemy army


- 26 levels
- Different enemies: Following virus slimes, Skeletons, Shooting Cannons, Evil wombats, blue evil dragon and mostly dangerous enemy Flying Gomel
- Traps like spikes
- Steam achievements. Every level contains 3 blue diamonds which gives steam achievements
- Checkpoint system
- Hearth which give more energy
- Coins. collect 10 coins to give extra life
- Jumping Platforms, Moving platforms, Switch platforms
- Swimming mechanics
- Falling from map will kill player
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İşletim Sistemi:

windows 8



Grafik Kartı:

NVidia GeForce 800 series

Depolama Alanı:

7 GB available space