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As for unknown treasures, people always hold the idea that the seer has a share, but they don't know that some treasures may be easy to see, but they have to risk their lives to take them. This game tells us the treasure adventure story of a female adventurer. The legend is true and false, but since the adventure story mentions adventure, there will always be danger. At least various mechanism traps are essential. The successor will let you play a girl who pursues the treasure. The legendary greedy pirate ship lost place, you will go to its deep place. Whether you can inherit the endless treasure depends on whether you are brave and resourceful enough.

Game features

After each death, the regenerated level is random

You can use the grapple to help you through some traps

Don't forget that you still have a sword in your hand. You can fight the enemy

Unique level setting. With the progress of the challenge, more and more official organs will follow

Game play

In the game, players need to collect keys. Using the keys will open the door to the next level. Pay attention not to jump from a high place during movement, otherwise they will fall to death.
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows XP


2.5 GHz Dual Core