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Try to find your way home in Storms 2, a hack-and-slash ARPG set in a procedurally-generated world.


Storms 2 has a huge focus on loot. New gear can dynamically change the way you play as you progress. Normal, Magic and Rare items can be found - but keep an eye out for legendary items, which have unique powers.
• Over 100 standard items.
• Over 200 legendary items.
• Enhance your items by socketing gems.
• Experiment with different item / skill combinations.

The skill-system in Storms 2 supports a variety of builds and play-styles. Explore a massive skill tree - each skill is meant to change the way you play as you progress.
• Over 130 skills to choose from.
• Three classes – Warrior, Shaman, and Wizard.
• Each skill is unique and can be a game-changer.
• Certain skills can be acquired via items.

The weather and time of day changes combat.
• Procedural storms move through the land
• Storms can have an effect on combat
• You are given tools to ward off inclement weather, including skills, walls, loot, and more.
• The world has a night-and-day cycle
• Storms can be deadly

Storms 2 has a cross between open and procedurally-generated worlds. Each character is given their own world, with each world being divided into unique biomes. Each biome spawns its own enemies and even affects combat itself.
• Each character has its own world.
• Biomes, which change combat, are procedurally generated.
• Special items have affects which only apply to certain biome-types.
• Enemies are procedurally generated.
• Find and fight a variety of bosses.

Craft a variety of useful gadgets to help control the world, enhance your play, and ultimately survive.
• Craft walls, additional stashes, shrines, and more.
• Craft floors to ensure no enemy spawns there again

• A shared stash is available
• Combine gems to upgrade them
• Varied enemies
• Bosses, of course