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Super Space Shooter 2222: HyperSpace

(you know like the year 2222, since the prequel was in 2077.. anyways)

Is a fast-paced addicting endless space shooter with an inspiration taken from many modern games.

A project I have been passionately working solo for the past 2 years with some help from my friends including sprites for some skins, the bosses and dedicated soundtracks for them

  • 4 endless gamemodes where you can fight for the highest score on the Leaderboards
    • Arcade Mode - the main gamemode. Level up and unlock Modules to be as quick and as cool as possible in crushing all of your enemies and getting the highest score out there
    • Classic Mode - a throwback to the prequel I made when I was 14 years old, much simpler gameplay
    • Hardcore Mode - a more spiced up version of the Arcade; everything hits harder, besides you.. There is also a HackBarrier that prevents you from running too far away from your problems : )
    • Meteor Madness - You're only left with your lightsaber, good luck surviving the endless Comet Storm
  • Adventure Mode - A rogue-like campaign mode, where you travel through Zones and get strong enough to conquer Bosses and free the Amethyst Galaxy from the imminent doom of The Singularity
  • Sandbox Mode / Spacebox - A (almost) working gamemode creator where you can edit a lot of values to make your own type of experience and share it with other players!
  • A original progression system; The so called Celestial Energy is not only your XP, but also an asset used with some weapons or skills. After hitting a ceiling of this energy you manifest a Power Core used for Module & Skill unlocks, and can Ascend, gaining a Celestial Star, that can be used for direct Ship stat upgrades
  • 26+ Ship skins and a hell lot of total combinations with other customization options
  • 3 Banger soundtracks from SiriusBeat and climactic OSTs by Lidkas for each Boss you encounter
  • Juicy gameplay with strong screenshake, particles, flashes, and a crispy pixel art mostly done by me, but credits for bosses go to Shy
  • 23+ Achievements to keep your ventures validated
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Windows 7


Intel i3


512 MB RAM