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Petros Giannopoulos

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Split Tactics is a casual game about choices. There are a total of 13 elements in this game. The 6 basic elements are: Fire, Ice, Poison, Dark, Light and Curse. Then there are 7 more that are their combinations: Chaos (Fire+Dark), Reflection (Ice+Light), Toxic Mist (Poison+Dark), Madness (Dark+Curse), Fume Gas (Fire+Poison), Horror Breath (Ice+Dark) and Divine Flame (Light+Fire). Each element basic or not, has its own effects when applied to an enemy. Players should choose spells based on effectiveness to creatures and also to avoid making opponent the next most powerful mage. A good strategic balance is required to overcome opponent and also stay alive for the duration of the game.

Start of the Game

Each player draws 5 cards from the reward card pile. The first enemy or trap is opened from the explore card pile.

Raw Attacks

A player can choose to attack based on raw power (their level on the top right corner of the screen) to any explored enemy

Elemental Attacks

Not so direct and powerful as the raw attacks. However, elemental attacks are your silent power, with tricks and effects that
apply over time or add up to the total damage as well as effects that control enemies or make them extremely vulnerable.

Recycling Cards

A player has the choice to recycle 2 cards from their hand for a new one. Doing so player also gains 3 life points. This is very
effective when working against your opponent, discarding valuable cards for them or in search of a better alternative for your plays.


A card from the reward pile can either be cast or used as an equipment. An exception to this rule are the crystal cards. Equipping
cards can make a difference as the elemental attacks become stronger. When equipping a card player also draws from the reward pile
a new card of the same element type, enabling more combos.

Casting Crystals

A crystal can also be cast. This can be used for immediate effects as a crystal offers the choice of an AOE attacks that can destroy
remaining enemies and allow for quick loot or add up to the total damage.

Casting Powerful Spells

For each element type there is a special spell that deals a huge amount of damage enemies (such as an explosion) or has a very drastic result to the gameplay.
Each of these spells are accompanied with a Visual Effect to showcase the impact.


Every player can only cast or equip up to 1 card from their hand each turn. Crystals can be cast or used as an equipment in addition to that number but only 1 per turn.

Win/Lose Condition

A player wins if they reach level 25 or if the opponent had their life points become 0.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7


Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz or AMD equivalent

Grafik Kartı:

Nvidia GeForce 950GTX or higher