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Rapidly kill seemingly infinite amounts of sperm while defending the egg. Collect a variety of power ups to help you through the process of slaughtering millions upon millions of sperm. If a sperm touches the egg, the egg becomes fertilized. That is a problem for your Spermicide. You must act fast to destroy the developing cells before it leaves the area to continue developing into an embryo.


Don't feel like practicing pregnancy prevention today? Why not cause it?
In Be The Sperm you play as one sperm out of millions all racing to reach the egg. But be careful, the walls have turret placements throughout making your path much more difficult. Will you be the next best doctor? Lawyer? Quarterback? Pilot? or will you be the next lonely gamer that spends their all time and money on a game about shooting sperm?
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Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10