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Sole Saga is Rogue-lite Survival, heavily focused on action and skilled play. Fight against waves of enemies, build up your character with unique weapons and skills and challenge Epic Bosses . Travel between the land of chaos to challenge epic bosses.

For more information, please check out feature list below.

Here's what you can expect from playing sole saga:
  • Fast pace action rogue-lite, it's a semi-auto attacking survival game heavily focused on action. To survive the run, you need to carefully move, dodge and attack at the right moment.
  • Challenging yet rewarding gameplay, You need to learn and master weapons and items one by one, use your creativity to create your play-style or some overpowered build.
  • Heroes with unique weapons and skills.
  • Enemies have their own move and attack pattern.
  • Every Level has unique enemies and bosses.

Short story

The Goddess of chaos summon heroes from other parallel worlds to banish False Gods. Complete the trial of chaos and become God !

Unique Build Every Run

It's rogue-like action game, let's leveling up your hero, select weapons/skills and make some powerful builds.

Select Your Hero

Choose your favorite hero that come with their unique weapon and skill.

Challenge the False Gods

Fight your way and survive wave of enemies, the false Gods will come and hunt you down.
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 10


i3 8130u or equivalent

Grafik Kartı:

Amd vega 3 or equivalent