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Scranny has locked you in her house, you have 5 Days to escape the house...

Use every item you can find in the Scranny's house that can help you escape the house (keys, gas, Crowbar), You have 5 days if Scranny or Brob catches you 5 times before you escape
you lose and have to start again, There are 3 endings and 3 ways to escape the House every way requires you to use different objects from inside the House, there are 5 different mods starting from practice where Scranny and Brob aren't home to all the way to Hardcore where they are way too fast and powerful, so be quite and sneaky because Scranny has got the elephant ears she can hear everything even a leaf falling from a tree but can't see properly and on the other hand Brob, he's got the eagle eyes but can't hear properly.

Best Of Luck Escaping !!
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