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Sabotage 1.0

Action game based on the decade of the 80s and the Cold War period. Inspired by historical events, movies, writers, video games and much more from the 1980s.

Your mission is to sabotage the different military / secret bases in the world. To complete your mission you must put explosives in the assigned places and escape from the place.

The objective of the game is to enter the enemy base, find the enemy's secret files and destroy the place with explosives. For this you will have a limited time before the enemies find you.

In this version of the game you will have to complete the following missions:

Find the secret files of the corrupt dictator of the Republic of Santa Elina. You will have to find and place the explosives in the office of the "Presidente" in the Presidential Palace before leaving the place.

Find the diskette with the ballistic missile codes at the Soviet nuclear plant. Before leaving the place you must put the explosives in the Control Room to stop the production of Soviet nuclear weapons.

Destroy a secret server room with a United States government Artificial Intelligence, hidden in the Nevada Desert before Artificial Intelligence launches nuclear missiles and World War III begins.

Version 1.0 of sabotage includes:

Mission Pripyat, USSR (1986)
Mission in the Republic of Santa Elina (1981)
Mission in the Nevada Desert, USA (1985)

Game time: 3 hours to infinite.

Developed by Alternative Reality ´15 Games (AR-15).
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 32/64 bits.


Intel i5

Grafik Kartı:

Intel HD Graphics 4400 or 5000 or more