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S.I.N. Unit puts you in the shoes of a paranormal investigator. Together with other people like you, you will enter haunted locations full of paranormal activity to investigate and catch the entity or ghost that haunts the place. A good entity will also appear to help you. 1-4 Players.

Beware it is no easy task. First gather all the information you can, use your equipment to your advantage: EMF readers, Holy Water, Thermometers, UV Flashlights, among many many others. Find all the evidence, discover what kind of entity or ghost is haunting the location and catch it for your collection!

  • Prepare mentally, psychologically.
  • Enter the haunted location.
  • Find the Entity's or Ghost's current haunting spot.
  • Gather evidence, fingerprints, temperatures below zero, doll possession, etc, etc...
  • Discover the Entity's or Ghost's type.
  • Catch it with the TOS (Trapper of Souls) device correctly configured for that kind of Entity!
  • A good Entity will help you.

Every Entity type has a different Hunt Effect:
Thus, evidence is randomized instead of fixed per Entity type (so can't just guess the evidence watching the Hunt Effect).

  • Ghost: Regular hunt.
  • Demon: You move reversed.
  • Phantom: It's completely invisible, just the sound.
  • Shade: All doors close, you cannot open doors.
  • Spirit: It doesn't make a sound.
  • Poltergeist: You look reversed.
  • Apparition: Teleports to a player periodically.
  • Elemental: It always follows a player even if it cannot see them.
  • Djinn: You walk slowly.

You will have a Flashlight, a Journal, a Radio and a Head Camera with you all the time. And, besides that, you can take up to 4 other items from the Operations Center shelves. So, together with your partners (or alone of course), you will be able to use the items to gather all the evidence you need to catch that pesky (and dangerous) Entity.

Use the radio to speak to your team and tell them when you find new evidence. Together you can discover the truth and be able to catch the Entity. Up to 4 investigators can go on a mission together.

Level up, and you will get new extra items. More unlocks to be added soon!

Whatever you do, do not forget, you are still human. You will be terrified of being near the Entity. Your Terror level will be displayed in the way your vision will lose the sense of color, also your heart will be louder and louder. Till you finally die. Use your items to prevent that from happening and DO NOT be near the Entity for long periods of time, especially... when It is hunting.

You will have an ally. A benevolent ghost that will help you. Listen carefully to her humming. Get close and you will lose all fear.

Thank you for your support! ♥
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7, 8.1, 10


2Cores 2GHz 64-bit CPU

Grafik Kartı:

1GB Video RAM

Depolama Alanı:

8 GB available space