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Creobit, 8floor

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New Royal Jigsaw, 700 unique puzzles - that's the choice of real kings! Collect all the photos and you'll see the greatest landscapes, famous castles and palaces of the world! All the luxuries of royal life are here - in this game! It takes you to the heart of a grand ball life... or into the golden throne room... or in the secret royal treasury. Learn how the world rules live now and how they used to in the past. Become a king of this game right now!
- 500 high quality unique images
- well designed game-play: useful hints, sort tool and magnifying glass.
- optional game difficulty control makes your gameplay infinite
- custom styles of pieces with rotation
- save game progress and continue to collect the puzzle at any time
- pleasant and relaxing music
- get 500 puzzles for one purchase. It is beneficial!
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İşletim Sistemi:

Windows XP SP3 or later


1500 MHz


512 MB RAM