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Roley Games

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Get 10 arcade games in 1 with Roley’s Arcade Collection. A reimagining of classic arcades games with a fresh new look.

RegAster Blaster

Blast fields of asteroids while you avoid the resulting debris for a hi-score your friends will be envious of.


Use your paddle and a ball to destroy the blocks in this minimalist style game.


Destroy the incoming waves of alien ships before they get you, in this frantic shoot ‘em up in the styling of a child’s drawing.


Detonate the incoming missiles while they are still in the air by controlling the time your bombs take to explode. Get the timing right though or the rockets will get through and destroy your people’s homes.

Diggy Diggy Diggy

Control a robot digging down as far as he can go, just remember to collect the diamonds to improve your score. Don’t let the blocks crush you and remember to collect the batteries to stay powered up or it will be game over. Just what is at the bottom?

Escape Happy Ghost

Our treasure hunter is being pursued by an unstoppable ghost. Our only choice is to escape the maze like dungeon if we want to survive.

Ocean Vice

Outrun the authorities while trying to earn a dishonest living in this ocean adventure. Just you, a speed boat and a briefcase full of money.

Pillar Pass

You have been tasked with passing a trial of navigating stone posts in a dark cave while flying at high speed. Will you survive or become food for the creatures that live here?

StratCap Bombing

You need to land in an emergency and the only suitable location is occupied with buildings. The only solution is to flatten all the structures before you crash.

Chicken Cross

A man in a chicken suit crossing a busy motorway and a river, what could go wrong?
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Microsoft 64bit Windows 7


64-bit Intel compatible Dual Core CPU

Grafik Kartı:

DX11 compliant graphics card