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Starstruck Games

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Roguematch : The Extraplanar Invasion, is the daring fusion of a turn based Roguelike RPG, with a Match-3 grid layout, where the heroes brave through a castle full of raw magic and extra dimensional creatures. Watch carefully how your enemies move every turn. Plan to attack near with a physical strike, or far, with a burst of elemental magic when you fuse mana into groups. Every decision counts because as the clock ticks, more foes threaten to appear from strange portals in the walls.

The castle is on high alert though, and every room is on lockdown. Aside from defeating enemies, you will also have to deactivate the magical intruder alarm systems. Uncover sigils on the floor, blast crystals with mana and step on raised floor panels to clear the room. It's strange however, because the castle defence system seems too elaborate to have been made to just keep out, lets say, just a Nekomancer from coming in to look for the Nekonomicon...

And, additional words of caution! Many of the rooms have been taken over by elemental forces. Be careful not to slide right into the lava from the Cryovolcanic Plane, and stay away from the superheated gas from the Elemental Plane of Steam. Remove the sticky floors from the Elemental Plane of Mud before you step in them. But what affects you...also affects your enemies! So lure them into traps when you have the chance.

Game Features

  • Turn based combat in a grid based environment, with randomly generated level layouts and items. Set in a castle that seem to be overrun with creatures from the elemental planes of fire, air, earth and water realms and way beyond.

  • Elemental mana Match 3 system that lets you control the raw magic that has flooded the castle. Choose from six unique matching powers and change the way you play the game. Stop time and freeze enemies in their tracks with Time Pieces, or be a mana combo master with the Wildcard set. Create attack cats that shoot across the room or bomb pieces that cause chain explosions!

  • Six characters with different unique skills, strengths, and play styles. Binky as the speedy Bungeoneer, summon cats with the magical Nekomancer, or Shield Bash as the hardy Paladinu! Characters also have expertises that let them make more than one of some moves per turn!

  • Over 100+ Spells and Items that change the way you handle challenges in the game. Many of them boost your stats or elemental damage, and also contain spells for you to cast! If you don't have enough backpack space, discard the item but memorise the spells instead!

  • Face 20+ bosses from the elemental realms, each with their own attack patterns and weaknesses! Avoid the Orochill ice blasts! Break out of the Cementicore cement attacks! Dodge the Lavaiathan burning body ram!

  • Command the elemental environment to suit the situation. Expend mana and cause windy conditions, then match fire mana to create chain lightning! Or cause the room to turn into earthen surroundings and turn water mana into mud traps!

  • Play through a story that started out as a simple fetch quest between three friends that went really wrong, really bad, really fast!
Sistem Gereksinimleri

İşletim Sistemi:

Windows 7


Intel Core(TM) i3-4160 / AMD X4 830

Grafik Kartı:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650