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Navigate the world's cities using automated robo vans and robo buses. Collect energy, deliver medicines, save humanity.

In the near future, your mission is to go to cities around the world and deliver medical supplies. In this future, the currency for everything is electrical energy, you are paid for each delivery with a power-up in kiloJoules (kJ).

You can walk or run around the city, or take a van or a bus. A bus is cheap to ride, but you have to go where it goes. A private van costs more, but you can control its route.

To begin, choose one city from the four on the first level. Once the map loads, you will see a neighbourhood of your chosen city.

Next, choose a drop-off location for your delivery in that neighbourhood. You will be offered three locations: one short distance, one medium and one longer distance. The payment you get for the delivery rises with the distance. Once you reach the drop-off, you will be offered another three locations.

With good planning, you will reach a special location where you can collect a small bottle, a blue-top vial. Its locations is shown on the map. Each vial contains a component for a new drug that will protect humanity against the next disease threat.

When you start you have access to one level, and as you gain more energy, more levels will open up. There are eight levels, and four cities on each level. From level three you can also build your own custom neighbourhood, in the location of your choice. Each custom neighbourhood will also contain one vial.

Your mission is to find 36 vials, and save humanity.
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Windows 10 64-bit


2.0 Ghz

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