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Blast Your Way

Robo Legend is a twin-stick shooter RPG where you blast your way through hordes of crazy robots. You play as Robo, a mercenary robot who was kidnapped to an alien world that is under attack. Complete quests, solve minigames, and puzzles to end the conflict in a good or bad way. Your story, your choices, choose to save Gear Town, or conquer it, when Voidbot and his forces invade.

● Destroy waves of hostile robots and beat down evil bosses
● Choose the ending by playing the hero or the villain path
● Explore seven biomes and charming Gear Town

The Journey Awaits

To accomplish your quest, you’ll have to travel through Gear Town, seven main biomes, and search for hidden areas to unveil secrets. Swim in the swamps, skate on the ice, and survive in the wastelands where you will face many challenges.

Be The Hero…

Battle your way out of the swamps, and reach Lone Chip desert, where dry and dusty Gear Town awaits. The town is in trouble, and to save the local bots you will have to complete many missions, dungeons, and minigames.

Or The Villain

Along the way, forces loyal to Voidbot may persuade you to try to join their side, while the forces of Gear Town will ask you to complete additional missions to further undermine the villain. Will you help Gear Town and its inhabitants or will you scheme against them?

Obtain and Upgrade Equipment

During your journey, you’ll find many weapons and armor upgrades for Robo. From a simple blaster to guided missiles, upgrade your hero as much as possible to become either the Hero or the Villain.

So saddle up, and get ready to ride into Gear Town to become the legend of your choosing.

Game Features
-Good or evil. You choose the type of legend you want to be, and depending on how you complete quests and dungeons, the story ending can change.

-Ten potential endings for maximum replayability. Build your own story based on the choices you make during your progression and Voidbot's differing and evil motive.

-A world to save. Explore seven main biome areas, and hidden zones.

-Discover and hang out in Gear Town, a charming, old-West style town run by a cast of colorful robots.

-Over 25 quests to complete. Achieve your journey by completing main and side quests.

-Select your difficulty. From easy to very hard, adjust the challenge according to your wishes.

-Upgrade your stuff. As you fight and explore, you will earn extra armor and chips for upgrades at Volt’s gym.

-New weapons to defeat bosses. Grow your weaponry by exploring the various biomes and unraveling minigames and riddles.

-A fishing minigame. An action-fishing experience with robo-fish and speeding drone spears.

-A high-octane, rocking soundtrack. Perfect for shredding evil robots.

-A combat simulator for as much freestyle robot blasting as you can handle.
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Windows 10


Intel Core i5-7300HQ